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Our Fly Pack allows you to Migrate your valuable videos using easy, affordable, AI/ML, Emmy Award-winning, SAMMA mass migration software.

Turn your video tapes into searchable assets with Meta Martis

Our Fly Pack uses Proven, on-prem mass migration software Trusted by the Library of Congress, 4 major networks, universities, and professional sports and now available to you

You can count on Meta Martis to bring your legacy professional video content to the new digital world. Now you have access to low-cost alternatives for migrating archives and collections through machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) services.

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Fly Pack

Take control of the migration process. Fly Pack is an on-prem automated mass migration system made up of Tape Prep software and a Fly Pack Analysis Engine that controls up to 8 VTR’s. 

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Know what you have, where to find it, and what can be monetized. Metadata AI with automatic asset tagging, speech-to-text transcription, facial recognition, and more.
Multiple storage solutions through AI/ML systems.

Here’s how it works:

1. We have a quick, 30-minute meeting where we find out how much tape you need to digitize, what types of signal processing you want to do, and you let us know if you prefer cap-ex or op-ex.

2. We schedule a date for your Meta Martis Fly Pack to arrive and send you the Tape Prep software to preinstall so tapes are ready to migrate in a timely manner with only basic operator skills needed.

3. Migration begins!


  • ALTO Storage
  • Curio
  • CurioOne
  • Iris

Don’t let your legacy archives be locked away in old, unusable formats

Meta Martis has a solution for every size library and every budget. We will help you monetize your assets without hassles. Let's take a look at your challenges talk about what you need.

Find out how you can:

  • Decrease Operational Expenses
  • Ensure Content Integrity
  • Unleash Monetary Value for Content Owners Globally