Migrate your large video tape library to digital, on premise 
or at our new Los Angeles facility!

Our package has everything needed to migrate your library to digital files including ALTO Archive Storage, Loki Media DVOs, & CURIO ANYWHERE to extract the metadata 
and catalog it all in a searchable library.

The FLYPACK is the most efficient, automated, and cost effective way to migrate large videotape libraries to digital files at scale.

Concurrently encode 8 Streams of any source to your choice of formats, up convert to HD, international standards, as well as noise reduction.

Put as many FLYPACKs you need, where your videotapes are, or we can arrange to have them shipped to one of our secure, migration locations.

Each FLYPACK is self contained and uses SAMMA, the application used by major broadcasters, large studios and the Library of Congress.

We bring the Emmy-Award winning SAMMA solution consists of state-of-the-art robotics software allowing general operators to automatically or semi-automatically migrate content from videotape to digital form.

Deployed by major archivists and tape preservationists all over the world including the Library of Congress and Getty Images, SAMMA helps clients throughout the museum, institutional, national archive, service bureau, government, and media & entertainment sectors with a highly efficientconfigurable and cost-effective means for controlling videotape migration queues & digitizing content.  

  • Processes/Digitizes A/V signals from VTR to SDI Output
  • Analog Composite/Component, SDI, Y/C
  • Capture and Embed Analog Longitudinal Time Code (LTC)
  • 8 Channels Analog Audio – 16 Channels SDI Embedded Audio
  • Hardware up-conversion, down-conversion, standards conversion.
  • Filters and Proc-Amp functions to improve/stabilize A/V Signals
  • Real-Time transmission of A/V Metadata during migration to enable SAMMA Eye Intelligent Signal Analysis and Metadata Capture.

Tell Curio where your storage locations are. Curio supports 30+ different types of storage locations. 

Curio will scan your storage and process your files with the latest machine learning models, creating new, rich metadata. Affordable, trainable, AI/ML power on premise speech to text, logo detection, object recognition, face recognition for all. 

Now you can search and analyze your content using faces, logos, image tags, speech to text in 40 languages, and so much more.

• GM Facial Recognition
• GM Speech-to-Text 
• Transcription (40 languages) & Translation
• GM Audio Classification
• GM OCR-Optical Character Recognition (Visual text or writing)
• GM Logo/Brand Recognition
• GM Technical Cues
(References video-centric elements:
texted video, color bars, black breaks, slates etc.)
• GM Tags & Descriptions (Visual object tagging, scene descriptions)
• Al Studio (Create and enhance ML models)

Why Choose ALTO for your archival storage?

  • No data tapes, no optical cartridges, no robotics. Very high density with up to 1320 TB per 4 RU Enclosure
  • No egress costs. No long restore delays. No proprietary technology, no licenses 
  • Integrates with your MAM, PAM or Archive Management and Automation, based on open systems and standards
  • Superior performance to data tape and optical storage systems. No Migration, Deleted space recovered with no Compaction
  • Fully spun-down disks. Cold storage reduces power consumption to 0.25 W/TB  and greatly extends disk life 10 Years ++
  • Scalable from 50TB for small teams & work groups to multi-Petabyte enterprise archives
  • More robust and secure, with user selectable file replication, distributed systems, removable media and vault storage option.
  • Lower lifetime cost of ownership than any other archive technology.
  • Proven in over 400 deployments worldwide, including areas of high humidity, and the most challenging environments you can imagine.

DVO Tools to be deployed in automated workflows, enabling customers to create sophisticated, yet flexible, highly-scalable file-based automations with unparalleled image processing capability.

Loki 2.0 addresses a very wide variety of image processing tasks, through a simple interface and automated workflow.  By accessing a huge range of Emmy award-winning DVO Tools designed to meet any conversion, finishing or restoration challenge, you can simplify and automate your workflows to achieve top end results while saving time on manual work. 

Here are some typical example uses: 

  • DVO Alias – Fix image aliasing caused by high frequency patterns
  • DVO Aperture – Introduce incredible sharpness to your image
  • DVO Brickwall – Enables you to Pre-master video for compression and fix digital camera sensor issues
  • DVO Chroma – Magically fix any chromatic aberration, fringing & color bleeding
  • DVO Cross-colour – Remove Chroma or dot crawl from video
  • DVO De-interlace – Highly accurate creation of progressive frames from any interlaced material
  • DVO Dropout – Easy auto drop-out and random artifact concealment
  • DVO Dropout + Fix – Combines automated and manual drop-out correction into a single tool!!!
  • DVO Grain GT – Super fast grain management
  • DVO Line-Sync – Correct shifted and/or stretched lines due to synchronization errors – who knew?
  • DVO Noise – Motion-compensated video noise reduction
  • DVO Pixel – Dead pixel trouble? Not any more… Auto locate & remove them

We can set up a full service, turnkey migration system at (or near) your facility, or you can send us your tapes. It's your choice.

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