We aim to bring all legacy professional video content to the new digital world. Legacy archives and collections are locked away by old videotape formats, which keeps them from being discovered by new consumers. We provide lower-cost alternatives to help archives and collections migrate your content on-premise at or near your facility. Meta Martis enables companies to transform physical assets to digital, connect and access them from anywhere, and create valuable metadata using machine learning & AI services.  Meet our team…

Executive Team

Tim Stockhaus


Tim Stockhaus is a founding member of CSI, Front Porch Digital, Gray Meta, and now Meta Martis. He has spent over three decades in media technology for some of the industry’s largest firms, including Sony, Harris, and many others. Tim’s passion is unlocking content value in broadcast, government, non-profit, and other sectors that rely on cutting-edge solutions.

Dan McGraw

Chief Operating Officer

Dan McGraw has spent his entire career in film/TV production and technology, creating solutions including WireDrive, Tunespring, Avid’s Knowledge Center, and various other inventions still in use by the M/E market. In addition to strategic development roles at Avid, Whitehouse Post, and Walt Disney Studios, he has over two decades of experience as a writer, director, producer, and film editor.

Jeff Cohen

VP, Sales

Jeff Cohen is a passionate and innovative sales leader with over 30 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. Most recently, as the Director of Broadcast and Virtual Production at LG Business Solutions, he oversaw developing and delivering high-quality displays for live production and virtual reality applications, leveraging his strong technical and engineering background and his deep understanding of market dynamics and customer needs.

Advisory Team

James Snyder

James Snyder is one of the leading consultants in Media and Telecommunications, specializing in media preservation and digitization, file-based workflows, metadata creation and distribution, media-related standards work, systems design and integration, audiovisual equipment restoration and maintenance, and telecommunications network design and construction. He participates in standardization groups, including SMPTE, IEEE, and AES. Member of AMIA, HPA, IASA, NATAS & WEBE.

Mark Gray

Mark Gray, a founding member of Gray Meta, has contributed to solutions used at most television and production facilities worldwide. This includes the development of the SAMMA migration process, which won him a technical Emmy. He has served on the board of directors of several companies, including EGT, Telco Television Corporation, and Giant Studios.

Rich Lappenbusch

Rich Lappenbusch has 30 years of experience in operations, business analysis, and technical solution development. He uses data and insights to drive strategic decision making, business planning, and risk assessment to help officers chart the course. He is passionate about building new business units with great partners focusing on sustainably engineered and managed products that deliver value to customers and stakeholders.

Jim Casabella

Jim Casabella has 20 years of experience working with senior-level TV station and network management teams to manage tape migrations for the ABC O&Os. His superpowers include extracting metadata, optimizing broadcast workflows, implementing media asset management and storage architectures, and migrating archives.