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Effective Storage Solutions With A Media Intelligence Platform

Know what you have, where to find it, and what can be monetized. Metadata AI with automatic asset tagging, speech-to-text transcription, facial recognition, and more.

Manage your files anytime, anywhere with Curio and Meta Martis. With our advanced learning models and AI technology, you can run this data platform on an appliance or in your cloud environment. It also generated time and file-based metadata.

How It Works

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Curio supports various types of storage locations, which is why it can find yours immediately.

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To generate new metadata, the platform will scan your storage and manage your files through modern ML models.

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Curio can help you find and determine your content through various elements, including logos, faces, image tags, speech-to-text, and more.

Why Choose Curio?

Have one storage location to find your assets, be it by types, attributes, sizes, or sites. You can also directly connect and upload your files.

With your Curio, you can get an overview of your digital assets, even the duplicate ones. Additionally, you can discover new insights when you attach your favorite BI tool.

The platform can simplify your workflow through visual text (OCR) extraction, speech-to-text transcription, automatic asset tagging, and more.

Using speech-to-text, subtitles, and visual texts (OCR), you can create your keywords to highlight terms.

Get the return on investment that your content deserves the attribute discovery and application, including known and people graphics.

Get To Know the Platform

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