Digitizing Content Made Easy and Cost‑Effective

Count on the SAMMA Solo G6 of Meta Martis for reliable video digitization and migration solutions. Known as the System for Automated Migration of Media Assets, it provides a cost-efficient tape‑to‑file process to reduce human capital expenses.

More About the System

Used by various global tape archives, this system uses an automated factory process to convert aging video tape-based media into digital. It also has integrated metadata analysis and quality control tools.

  • Automated Decision Making
  • Encoder Control
  • Intelligent Signal Processing
  • Machine Control
  • SAMMA Prep
  • SAMMA Robot
  • SAMMA Solo

One server can control the following:

  • Eight External VTRs/Encoders for HD Encoding
  • Two Channels for UHD/4K Encoding

During post-migration, this system can deliver files to various mapped destinations, such as SAMMA_metadata.xml with checksums.

  • Advanced RPC Implementation
  • Compatible With G4/G5 SAMMA Analysis Engines
  • Encoding Configuration via Vantage Workflow Designer
  • New SAMMA Robot Error Handling Decreased Downtime Due to VTR Errors
  • Remote Monitoring via Source Manager
  • Telestream LightSpeed Live Capture Integration
  • Telestream Vantage Integration for Advanced Transcoding Delivery
  • Analogue Inputs Supported: CVBS, YUV, YC
  • Digital Input: 270Mbps-3Gbps SD/HD‑SDI
  • Eight Channels of Analog Audio via XLR, Inputs, and Outputs
  • 16 Channels of AES Audio via XLR, Inputs, and Outputs
  • 16 Channels of Embedded Audio in SDI Stream, Input, and Output
  • 3x HD/SDI Program Outputs
  • CVBS, SDI, and HDMI Preview Outputs
  • RF Input for Dropout Compensation
  • Genlock Reference Loop-Through, CVBS, and Tri-Sync for HD
  • Dual Analogue Composite Decoders
  • Simple and Line Comb for VHS/U‑Matics (Color-Under Systems)
  • Frame Comb for Studio Quality CVBS
  • TBC/Frame Synchronizer
  • Dropout Compensation Using RF Signal
  • Digital Recursive and Spatial (Median) Noise Reduction
  • Gamut (Color Space) Legalization
  • Full 16-Channel Audio Router
  • Digital Timecode Support (ATC-LTC, ATC-VITC)
  • Signaling Support, Including WSS, Video Indexing, AFD, and Closed Captioning
  • Aspect Ratio Conversion
  • Preview Channel With On‑Screen Overlay
  • HDMI Output for Cost-Effective Monitoring

Let’s Migrate and Convert Your Files

Choose SAMMA for effective content digitization. To learn more about this product and its new G6 engine analysis, get in touch with our experts.